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Battery Storage Isn’t Only For Solar Power

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

If you have a solar power system, you're probably aware of the benefits and reduced energy costs a battery backup system provides. What many homeowners don’t know, is that they can still benefit from battery storage even if they don’t have solar panels.

Battery storage systems simply take energy from a source and store it for later use. The energy source can be solar panels that convert sunlight to energy, or energy sourced directly from the grid. Once the energy is stored in a battery, homeowners can achieve a far greater degree of energy flexibility, be prepared for outages, and in some cases reduce energy costs.

Energy When the Grid Goes Down

Out-of-date utility infrastructure, extreme weather events, and rolling blackouts have made people more conscious of grid unreliability. With today’s latest tech, there’s no reason you have to go without power when the grid goes down. As Central PA’s certified Tesla Powerwall2 and Powerwall+ installer, we regularly hear from clients who kept the power on when the utility companies left their neighbors in the dark.

Not only do contemporary battery solutions offer a cleaner, more sustainable alternative to the generators of yesterday, they also detect extreme weather events and can be programmed to store energy preparing battery owners for emergencies. When the grid goes down, you can, at a minimum, keep critical appliances and lights on until grid power is restored.

Reduced Energy Costs

Across the US, many utility companies charge higher rates during peak hours of the day. While that has yet to be implemented in central PA, given the continuously increasing rates we’re seeing, it may one day go into effect here. In most areas, those peak times are in the mornings when people are getting ready for work and school, as well as in the evenings when they’re relaxing, cooking, and spending time with loved ones.

If you’re storing energy from the grid, with the right battery backup system, it can be programmed to store energy during non-peak hours and then draw from it during peak hours, thereby reducing your utility cost. With a smart system, you can be sure to collect and store energy when energy prices are low and tap that energy for use when the price is at its peak.

Can’t Do Solar? No Problem

We won’t install solar panels if we assess that it’s not going to yield enough energy to benefit the homeowner. In some cases, an HOA may not approve panels, or if you live in a condo or townhouse, panels may not be a good fit. However, in each of these situations, battery storage can still be a viable safeguard.

If you have questions regarding battery storage solutions like the Tesla Powerwall2 and Powerwall+, please get in touch. We will assess your situation free of charge and provide our expertise to fit you with the best solution for your energy needs.


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