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Sunshine. Savings. Security. 

Goodbye Rate Increases

Each year, Pennsylvanians face significant utility rate increases. Yet it has never been more affordable to go solar. Rather than paying an increasing variable rate to your utility company, with a solar energy system, you can have a low, predictable rate, for 25+ years.  

Did We Say Savings?

The average U.S. residential utility customer uses 10,715-kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year, That's an average of 892 kWh per month. Multiply that by the national average electricity rate of $0.14 per kWh (Pennsylvanians tend to pay higher rates than the national avg.), the typical American family spends around $125 a month for electricity.


If enough solar panels were installed to cover this electricity usage, the average household could save approximately $1,500 a year on utility costs.* Since the average solar energy system lasts 25-30 years, that translates to a savings of $37,500 - $45,000!

*Avgs based on major US utility companies. Actual savings vary between cities, properties, and solar energy systems.

Residental Solar Tax Credit

The federal residential solar energy credit is a 30% tax credit available to homeowners through 2032. This credit is available for solar projects as well as battery backups with or without solar. 

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Let It Shine

The sun is shining in Pennsylvania. Let it power your home, keep your house running when you can't rely on traditional utilities, and reduce your environmental impact - all while lowering your energy bill, increasing the value of your home, and receiving a tax credit.

Energy Assessment

Before you spend a dime, a Sun Directed consultant will assess your home and energy use to be sure a solar power system will meet your energy goals.

Solar panels can be installed on most homes, no matter the roofing material or slope. 

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