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Sun Directed commercial solar energy



Let The Sun Reduce Your Expenses

Whether your business is a large enterprise or a smaller operation, solar power can reduce your operating costs and increase your appeal to clientele by demonstrating that you're a green leader in your community.

Consumers Prefer Green Businesses


Have a more positive image of companies that support social or environmental issues


Are more loyal to companies that use environmentally friendly and sustainable practices  


Say they trust a company striving to be green over those that don't make an effort

Grow Operations, Lower Expenses

As your business grows, your energy costs may also be going up.  Even if your business has resided in the same structure for decades, each year that passes you still face rising energy costs. 

Solar energy provides a sustainable solution.  Rather than paying an increasing variable rate to your utility company, with a solar energy system, you can have a low, predictable rate, for 25+ years.  

Investment Incentives

There's never been a better time for your business to go solar. On top of the long-term savings you'll get with solar power, if you act now, you could significantly reduce the cost of your solar energy system.

MACR Depreciation

By depreciating the cost of your system with Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery, your business could recoup approximately 25 percent of your investment in solar energy in less than six years. 

Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

The ITC tax credit is a 30% tax credit that can be claimed on the cost of a solar energy system.  Unless Congress passes a renewal, this credit expires in 2024, so take advantage of it now.

Energy Assessment

Before you spend a dime, a Sun Directed consultant will answer any questions you have and assess your energy needs to be sure a solar power system will meet your business's goals.

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