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Sun Directed has been helping Pennsylvanian residents and businesses realize energy independence since 2008. Whether you are aiming to reduce your energy costs by 10% or 100%, incorporating a battery backup, or living off-grid, we have an energy solution you can rely on. 


Now Available!

The next generation of energy storage is here. 

We're living in the golden age of solar. With the Inflation Reduction Act's solar benefits, US homeowners and businesses can qualify for up to 30% tax credit on solar projects. This also applies to battery backup systems with or without a solar array. 


The USDA REAP Grant currently provides qualifying rural small businesses and ag producers with additional savings of up to 50%,  which can be stacked on the tax credit! Not only that, applications are being accepted quarterly (used to be bi-annually). 


Tesla Residental Solar Panels

Lower your electric bill, get a tax credit, and add value to your property - all by letting the sun power your home.

Tesla Powerwall Installer

With the Tesla Powerwall 2 and Powerwall+ you can save excess energy and keep the lights on at night or when local utilities go down.

Efficient level 2 charging at home. 


Pennsylvania Commercial Solar

Escape high electric bills and save money with government incentive programs by powering your business with a solar energy system. 


Awesome company! Michael Shadow really goes above and beyond to make sure your system is setup right. They work quickly and provide flexible solutions (e.g., they were able to route wiring under our lawn to connect solar panels on the garage.)


Sun Directed just completed the installation of my residential solar system and I'm delighted. They got to my job early and did the installation work efficiently and with almost no disturbance to the household. The panels look fantastic. I highly recommend their services. Very professional.

What our clients are saying

  • Solar energy can reduce or even eliminate your utility bill while providing a low energy cost at a predictable fixed rate for the next 25+ years.

  • You may qualify for a 30% Federal Tax Credit. 

  • On average, homes with solar power sell for 4.1% more than those without.

Substantial Savings

A Sun Directed solar energy system has the potential to meet the entire electricity needs of a home with 80% lower carbon emissions than if powered solely by fossil fuels.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

When the grid goes down, your power stays on. Have peace of mind knowing that your solar battery will keep your home running during extreme weather events and blackouts.

Outage Security


Tesla solar modules come with a 25-year manufacturer warranty. If a panel goes bad -- we will not only replace it -- we will install it at no additional cost to you. 




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Our family-owned business has maintained a highly regarded reputation by providing central PA with reliable, energy-efficient, solar solutions for over 13 years. We take pride in helping our local community take control of its energy production.  


We believe solar is the future. As our industry evolves, we evolve with it by staying on top of the latest technological developments and offering the most advanced solar products available.


Energy demands vary from structure to structure, as does personal energy consumption. That's why we conduct comprehensive energy assessments for each project we do and exclusively design every solar power system we install. 


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