Will Solar Panels work for me?

Solar panels are not for everyone.  There are three main factors that determine if solar panels will work for you.

  1. Does sunlight hit your property all year long,  almost all day long?
  2. Are you prepared to spend $10,000 or more before incentives for a solar energy system?
  3. Do you own the property?

If you can answer yes to all three three questions, it is likely that you can benefit from installing solar panels. You are in the right place to learn more about solar panels for your Residential, Business, or Farm.  We are working hard to provide resources for people to learn more about solar panels and the benefits of going solar.

How do solar panels make electricity?
This is a drastically simplified explanation.  There are special kinds of silicon that get excited and release energy when they are exposed to sunlight.  Watch this video to learn how Solar Panels create electricity.

Do solar panels work when it's cloudy and raining?

This is probably the most popular myth about solar.  Many people believe that you have to have a crystal clear blue sky for solar panels to work.

All standard crystaline silicon solar modules produce power when it’s cloudy, and even when it is rainy.  On dreary over cast days, where it rains all day long, we still see solar panels producing about 10% of their maximum capacity.  On overcast days without rain, we see power production at 25% of the maximum range.  Surprisingly, on the partly cloudy days that are frequent in this area, we see a net a production at 70%-90% of maximum.  

Producing power during cloudy and rainy days is one of the reasons we install SunPower solar modules. SunPower modules are designed to capture a broader range of the solar spectrum. By capturing more of the red and blue wavelengths, SunPower solar panels produce more electricity than traditional solar panels during cloudy days.

When calculating solar production for a given area the weather conditions must be taken into consideration.  This one of the reasons to choose NABCEP certified solar professionals.  They must abide by a code of ethics in their designs and they are required to continue their education to keep their certifications current.

Family Switching to Solar Power
NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installation Professional
SunPower Commercial Dealer

Why SunDirected?

Sun Directed solar power in PA only chooses the best solar panels to install.


It is simple.  Just like you will take pride in your solar energy system, we too take pride in installing the best for our customers. To do that,  we partner with the best companies.

Unmatched Performance, Reliability, and Aesthetics

SunPower’s top-of-the-line solar panels give homeowners more energy. They deliver the highest efficiency available in a residential solar panel today,  a record-breaking 22.8%.

That means owners get more electricity, more flexibility, and more peace of mind.

Industry’s Best Combined Power and Product Warranty

SunPower offers a 25-year warranty that is as efficient and dependable as their solar panel technology. In the unlikely event of an underperforming solar panel, SunPower will pay us to repair or replace the panel and reinstall it on your home. Our customer service team is always ready to assist you.