What does your roof do?

We are all about maximizing space today.  Most people have a lot of wasted space on their homes, businesses, and farms.  It’s their roof.  Thousands of people in central PA have chosen to stop wasting that space and use it to create clean, renewable energy for their buildings, and sometimes their neighboring buildings as well.  Our vision is to change the world one rooftop at a time.  By using the suns energy to create power you are reducing the amount of power that the utility has to produce by up to 120%.  The solar age has come, and home owners, governments, and businesses across the world are running to solar for their energy needs.  It’s never too late to get started call or contact us today!

Create your own reliable energy from clean, abundant, natural sunlight

Pure, constant, strong and sustainable. The sun has always been nature’s perfect energy source. Now it can be yours, too! With today’s technology, It’s easier than you think to harness solar energy to power your business, home or farm.

We are, certified solar installers serving central Pennsylvania. We are your local choice for responsible energy solutions. Are you looking to reduce electric bills, or reduce your carbon footprint ? Our environmentally minded team will inform you and provide you with transparent solutions, fast service, and a precision installation.

We empower you to produce your own clean energy using the sun.

It’s simple to catch solar energy. We’ll design and install the perfect solar energy system for you:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Office
  • Agricultural
  • Residential
  • Municipal

Not sure what solar power is, or how to make it work for you?

Contact SUN DIRECTED today for answers to your questions. We’ll explain the environmental and economic benefits of solar power for your home or business.

The right energy choice for a brighter future

Solar power is the smart choice for so many reasons. Browse through our site and find out why we are your local solar energy information source. We make it easy to switch to solar, nature’s choice to power your future –- starting today!


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