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Solar works for almost every home

The sun is shining in Pennsylvania and a solar energy system is a beneficial investment for your home. With a 26% Federal Income Tax Credit for homeowners who decide to invest in solar project, a direct reduction on your electric bill, and according to 2015 study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory a solar energy system will also increase the value of your home.


Solar modules can be installed on any type of roof, whether its flat or pitched; rubber membrane, metal,  or shingles solar can work for you. 

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Family Entertainment

The steps to going solar have never been easier

Concerned about having people in your home.  No Problem.  We are glad to offer virtual meeting services online to accommodate you.  Contact us today at (814) 317-6527 to get started.


Permission to Operate

1-2 Weeks

Inspections and approval from the electric company are the next step.  It generally takes 1-2 weeks for the approvals to be issued.


Flip the Switch


We visit with you again and walk you through your solar energy production system and you get to flip the switch to go solar.


Our professional installation team  can install most systems in 1-2 days


System Design

One of our certified designers will visit your home to take exact measurements and design your own custom SunPower solar energy system.


Home Meeting

1 Week We meet with you at your home to discuss the solar options that best fit your needs.


Online Qualification

1 Day Not everyone is qualified to go solar.  We listen to your needs and learn about you, your home, and your electric bill to discover if  solar power is right for you.