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Getting to Net Zero

Updated: May 10, 2022

We essentially made two major changes to reduce our electrical consumption since adding solar panels to our home.

The first was to replace our swimming pool filtration pump from a single speed unit to a variable speed one. We had been running the old pump 24/7 from May through September. We still run the new pump all day and night but now it’s on a schedule to alternate between high speed for 2 hours and low speed for 4 hours four times a day for the same 5 month season.

The second change we made was to add a set off shut off valves to a utility sink in our woodworking shop. This gave us the option to turn off the water supply during the winter months and not have to continuously heat the space to keep the lines from freezing. Now we just use the portable 220 V electric heater to warm up the shop when we are working in there.

Prior to solar our annual consumption was on the order of 21000 kwh. Now we are consuming about 12000 kwh which is the same amount that our 30 panels produce.

Rudy & Anne Pernell

9.9kW Solar on their home. Installed 2019


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