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What Happens on a Cloudy Day?

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Q & A with the Sun Directed Team

Q & A with the Sun Directed Team

Have you wondered about your solar power system’s ability to generate solar power on a cloudy day? What happens to your solar power output when it is overcast? Can we only make power when it is sunny? Sun Directed team member Sel answers these questions and more in this video.

What happens to solar power on a cloudy day?


Jay: What happens on a cloudy day like today?

Sel: Right, like today it’s pretty cloudy. A lot of people think it doesn’t work on a cloudy day. But on a day like today we would be getting about 60%, maybe even 70%, of the total capacity of the system we install.

So you have to think of it like this, you get burnt on a cloudy day just as much as you do on a sunny day, maybe even worse because you’re not expecting it. So there’s still something coming through those clouds. Our panels are efficient enough to capture even that peripheral sun, you know, that sort of very, very low sunlight.

Sun Power Solar Panels

Sun Directed exclusively used Sun Power solar panels. Why?


Sun Power® is the industry leader in efficiency available. Comparing a SunPower 360W with a conventional panel on same sized arrays produces 4% more energy per watt. This means, even on a cloudy day your Sun Power panels are producing more energy than conventional panels.


Solar experts rank SunPower® solar panels #1 for durability. We back this up with a best in the industry 25-year warranty.


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