Go Solar for Energy Independence

Energy Independence

Off-Grid Security

Energy Storage

Make Your Own Power

Want energy independence?  Say goodbye to the power company and achieve energy independence with our off-grid solar power systems for your home, cabin, business or farm.


With the latest in battery storage technology, you can design a system to fit your off-grid needs. With an eye toward energy independence, you can choose a minimalist or full power system to run everything from your refrigerator to A/C and computer systems.  Sun Directed uses Outback Power systems for the industry best in energy storage

Go Off-Grid

There are many reasons to install a battery backup or off-grid system.  Which of these top 10 reasons for going off-grid with battery back systems are important to you?


Top 10 reasons for going off-grid

  1. Energy independence
  2. Prepared for the worst
  3. Tired of growing electric bills
  4. Power for my electric car if the SHTF
  5. Security for my family if I am out of town
  6. Power for a remote cabin or bug out shelter
  7. Reliable power sources  in case of an attack on the power grid
  8. Getting power for landlocked house without access to utilities
  9. Reliable backup power for medical equipment during a power outage
  10. Concern about fuel shortages for generators, like after Hurricane Sandy

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Can Solar Flares, CME or EMP damage your solar power system?

“Can my off grid solar power be damaged by solar flares, CMEs or EMPs?”

The possibility for solar Flares, CMEs, or EMPs to damage off grid solar systems is an issue of concern to our off grid and security-focused clients.  In this post, we’ll explain the difference between solar flare, CME and EMP events, their possible impact on battery based and/or off grid solar and how to be prepared.