Solar Panels for Businesses

Upgrade to solar panels for businesses

You can escape high electric bills with solar panels for your business.  The 30% federal tax credit will only be around for a few more years.  Coupled with other tax incentives and potential grants, the incentives for switching to solar energy today are fantastic.

Sun Directed develops custom solar panel systems for your business needs. From industrial power to “invisible” systems for historic buildings, our Solar Consultants will help you find the right system for your energy needs.

Grow Your Operations Worry Free 

As your production and business grow, it’s likely that your energy costs are going up as well. Rising and unpredictable energy costs can become a real problem for your business. Fortunately, solar energy provides a sustainable solution that carries more than just financial benefits.


With Solar You Can…

  • Gain energy independence 
  • Reduce or eliminate your electric bill
  • Lock in a fixed cost of energy for 25+ years

The SunPower Helix Platform

The first fully integrated solar solution for businesses.  This commercial power solution is designed and engineered with SunPower’s most advanced technology.

Your Power Bills Shouldn’t Grow with You

Take some of the unpredictability out of your future business costs by generating your own clean, sustainable energy. Business Solar Panel Systems are available for operations large and small. Call us at 814-317-6527 or fill out our form to the right to find out more.