Solar Spotlight

Tips, thoughts, and reflections on solar power from the Sun Directed Team

What Happens on a Cloudy Day?

Q & A with the Sun Directed Team Have you wondered about your solar power system's ability to generate solar power on a cloudy day? What happens to your solar power output when it is overcast? Can we only make power when it is sunny? Sun Directed team member Sel...

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Who Uses Solar? Q & A with Sun Directed

Who Uses Solar? Want to know who uses solar power? To start, join the Sun Directed solar energy team's Q&A session. Next, learn all about their custom solar power systems. This video was recorded at the Central PA Festival of the Arts in State College, PA ( July...

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Save Money By Going Solar

Save Money By Going Solar Want to learn how to save money by adding solar power to your home or business? Beyond watching that monthly energy bill drop or even disappear, adding solar power is a home improvement that pays off. Once you know the true cost of going...

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5 Reasons Why I Chose Solar Energy

5 Reasons Why I Chose Solar Energy   Why chose Solar? As an intern with Sun Directed, I am taking the first steps toward a career in solar energy. There are many power options  I could to focus on in my energy career. Today I can choose power from the wind,...

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Can Solar Flares, CME or EMP damage your solar power system?

“Can my off grid solar power be damaged by solar flares, CMEs or EMPs?”

The possibility for solar Flares, CMEs, or EMPs to damage off grid solar systems is an issue of concern to our off grid and security-focused clients.  In this post, we’ll explain the difference between solar flare, CME and EMP events, their possible impact on battery based and/or off grid solar and how to be prepared.

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4 Things To Think About Before You Go Solar

Are you considering solar as a source of energy for your home or business! Great! There are a few things you need to know about solar before you make the leap to solar energy. Here are a few of the things you need to know before harnessing the power of the...

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