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Will Solar Panels Work for my House?

There are some questions we need to answer before considering solar panels for home energy. The first step in going solar is getting qualified.  For many reasons, not everyone can use solar panels for home energy.  The questions in the three major areas listed below help qualify you for solar panels. Click on the + in each section to find out if you are ready to go solar.  


"Do you own the property?"  You must be the owner of the property to install solar panels on it.  If you are renting, then you are not qualified for solar at this time.  

"Do you live in a solar friendly area?"  Not all municipalities freely permit solar panels for home; some restrict the size and location of the systems. Additionally, some Home Owner Associations  (HOA) may have restrictions as well. 

"Do you have direct sunlight on your roof for most of the day, year-round? "  Remember, sunlight that diffuses through the tree branches in the winter does not count as direct sunlight.  If you don't have direct sunlight and trees are shading your property, do you have control of those trees?  If so, are you willing to cut them down?  Many homeowners who choose to cut their trees down replace them with a shorter tree variety that will not shade the roof.


In addition to access, Do you have the space to install solar?  Not everyone can use their roof for solar panels due to the position of the roof.  While your roof doesn't need to be precisely facing south to use solar panels for your home, the location is still crucial.  Your roof simply has to face the southern sky, so the half circle from West to East through the southern sky is a good orientation.  

Solar panels can be mounted on the front, rear, or side roof. We use SunPower panels for homes; these have black frames and no ugly wires, so they are aesthetically pleasing to many homeowners.  Still, not everyone likes solar panels on the front of their home.  If the front of your home is the on the southern(ish) side of your house and you do not want panels in the front, then your roof will not qualify for roof mounted panels.

How old is your roof? You will need a newer roof for solar panels.  If your shingles are at the end of their lifespan,  you need a new roof before you go solar.

If your roof alignment doesn't qualify for solar panels, there is another option.  Do you have space in your yard? If your municipality or HOA does not have a restrictive ground mounted solar ordinance and your yard receives year-round direct sunlight, then a ground mounted system may be the answer.


Solar Leases

First, let's talk about solar leases.  We do not offer solar leases because we are not happy with the options available to our customers.  Most lease options escalate the cost of the lease over time, charging you an inflated price for your solar panels.  This sneaky practice costs the consumer much more than simply buying the panels with cash or a loan.  

To understand the price of a lease or purchase, review the total cost of your solar system lease over 25 years.  When you invest in solar panels for your home, you are really buying the electricity produced during the guaranteed life of the system.  When you compare leases to cash or financing the choice becomes obvious.

Before choosing a lease, review the details closely.  Be sure to ask How much does the cost of the lease increases each year?  What happens if you sell your home?   Most leases require the new home owner take over the lease or have the solar panels removed from the home.  This dramatically complicates selling your solar panel home.

Buying solar panels with cash or loans

We believe adding solar panels for home energy should be an investment in the value of your home, not a potential hurdle to future sales. A recent Berkley Lab's study of home sale prices in states across the US, including Pennsylvania, shows that adding solar panels increases the value of a home. 

Our turn-key SunPower systems start at $10,000 before incentives. Are you willing to spend $10,000, before tax credits, or do you have good credit for a solar loan?  Many of our customers, alternatively, choose to refinance their home or use their home equity line of credit to buy solar panels for their homes.  They understand electricity is a necessity and want to invest $10,000 in their home rather than paying $10,000 in monthly bills from the electric company.  

Beyond asking "What's the payback?" the real questions you need to ask are: Do I want to keep buying electricity from the utility company or do I want energy independence? Am I ready to own in my own power plant, one that is clean and renewable?  


Get Started!

If you can say yes to Access, Space, and Budget, it is time to qualify you for solar. Contact us today; our solar professionals will help you make sure solar is the right choice for you.  To get started today, complete the form on this page or call 814-317-6527.  We will walk you through the rest of our simplified qualification process.  For a brief overview of the process continue reading.

The Simple Process to Go Solar

Online Qualification

1 Day

Not everyone is qualified to go solar.  We listen to your needs and learn about you, your home, and your electric bill to discover if  solar power is right for you.

Home Meeting

1 Week

We meet with you at your home to discuss the solar options that best fit your needs.


System Design

3-4 Weeks

One of our certified designers will visit your home to take exact measurements and design your own custom SunPower solar energy system.


1-3 Days

Our professional installation team  can install most systems in 1-2 days

Permission to Operate

1-2 Weeks

Inspections and approval from the electric company are the next step.  It generally takes 1-2 weeks for the approvals to be issued.


Flip the Switch


We visit with you again and walk you through your solar energy production system and you get to flip the switch to go solar.