Going Solar

Declare your energy independence

Make your own electricity!

Solar power/solar energy/solar electric. Call it what you like. It is here — and its advantages are clear. Whether you are looking to power your business and/or your home, Sun Directed can help. Solar systems empower you to produce your own energy using the sun.
Consider this:
Solar Energy is the energy source of choice.  It is only natural!
The sun comes up every day. It shines right onto your property. For free. It is Nature’s perfect energy source.
  • Over 90% of Americans believe solar electricity should be more widely used.
  • If you agree, it is time to take action on your beliefs.
  • Support America’s domestic energy production.
  • Show everyone you care about your community, your country, and our future.
  • And save money on your electricity bills.

Solar energy users are forward-thinking … and smart

They are leaders taking charge of their own energy needs and our national energy supply (before it becomes an even bigger global crisis).
Switching to solar electric power offers both immediate and long-term benefits:

Solar Electricity Benefits You

  • Control your energy costs.
  • Go off grid
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Solar is abundant, reliable and renewable – it will never run out.
  • It is easy to tap into the hot and powerful natural resource that comes directly to your property.
  • Solar electric is constant – it can even power your property on cloudy days.
  • Solar homes sell faster.

Solar Electricity Benefits Business

  • It shows customers and the community that you are economically and environmentally responsible.
  • Solar energy systems, even large commercial ones, can be implemented quickly, within weeks or months.
  • Going solar introduces tax credits and deductions that your business can take advantage of.

Solar Electricity Benefits Community

  •  “Not in my backyard” – One of the reasons solar energy systems are being subsidized is because no one wants an unsightly power line or large power plant (especially nuclear) in their neighborhood.  Even wind farms have met with resistance for blocking people’s views!
  •  Electric lines and large power plants also take years, sometimes decades to plan.
  •  Solar energy is clean and can be tapped easily and directly.
  •  All types of buildings can run on solar electricity.

Reduce your energy costs and hedge against rising energy prices 

A solar energy system is like an insurance policy protecting against the volatile cost of energy.  When you invest in a solar energy system, you know exactly how much energy you are purchasing and exactly how much you’re paying for it. There’s no wondering what your electricity will cost next month, next year, 10 years, even 30 years down the road.
Solar energy is made when electric rates are the highest.  For people with time-of-use metering, you make the most electricity when electricity is the most expensive.  It is like making your own gas to drive up a hill and buying it when you are going down the other side.

Going Off Grid with Solar 

Living off the grid with solar is easier than ever. Advancements in solar technology and battery technology make it affordable as well. With today’s off grid systems, you can decide whether you want the minimalist or lavish off grid lifestyle. Either way, you enjoy the freedom and protection that going off grid offers you.