Solar Panels Professionally Installed — 8-Panel Sun Power Roof Mounted Home System, reserve with a deposit of $100


Professionally installed SunPower solar panels. This 8-panel home system is the perfect starter size to add solar power to a home. Sun Directed’s certified solar professionals will design and install this home system for customers within a 20-mile radius of our office in State College, PA.

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Special Offer Pricing

  • Reserve with a deposit of $100
  • Installed Roof Mounted 8-panel system starting price: $10,000
  • Reserve your solar panels + installation with a $100 deposit, 1% of the total system cost of $10,000 (before tax incentives).

Solar Panels Installed

This home solar panel system uses 8 SunPower solar panels. It is professionally designed and installed by Sun Directed solar power installers. Sun Directed’s certified solar professionals will design your system for maximum efficiency and function.  Choose professionally installed solar panels to cut your energy bills, go off-grid with additional battery storage, or simply be prepared for the next natural disaster. Skip the DIY headache of permits and power company negotiations. This turn-key installation gives you peace of mind that your solar panels are installed and inspected by qualified electricians and solar power installers.

Reserve your home solar power system with a down payment of just 10%.

Solar Panel Offer Area:

This solar panel offer is available to customers within a 20-mile radius of State College, PA:

Offer Area Table

University Park, PA  (0.62 miles)
Park Hills, PA  (2.09 miles)
Lemont, PA  (2.46 miles)
Boalsburg, PA  (3.74 miles)
Pine Grove Mills, PA  (4.35 miles)
Julian, PA  (6.41 miles)
Pleasant Gap, PA  (7.86 miles)
Fleming, PA  (8.99 miles)
Bellefonte, PA  (9.34 miles)
Pennsylvania Furnace, PA  (9.67 miles)
Centre Hall, PA  (9.84 miles)
Wingate, PA  (10.07 miles)
Port Matilda, PA  (10.18 miles)
Milesburg, PA  (10.96 miles)
Barrville, PA  (13.19 miles)
Woodland, PA  (14.10 miles)
Frogtown, PA  (14.19 miles)
Mingoville, PA  (14.66 miles)
Alexander Springs, PA  (14.78 miles)
Belleville, PA  (14.83 miles)
Milroy, PA  (15.14 miles)
Warriors Mark, PA  (15.43 miles)
Union Mills, PA  (15.45 miles)
Shraders, PA  (15.48 miles)
Gardenview, PA  (15.48 miles)
Menno, PA  (15.60 miles)
Roseann, PA  (15.67 miles)
Spring Mills, PA  (15.84 miles)
Reedsville, PA  (16.50 miles)
Snow Shoe, PA  (17.08 miles)
Naginey, PA  (17.30 miles)
Hublersburg, PA  (17.47 miles)
Siglerville, PA  (17.56 miles)
Colerain, PA  (17.68 miles)
Bald Eagle, PA  (17.75 miles)
Yeagertown, PA  (17.96 miles)
Allensville, PA  (17.97 miles)
Clarence, PA  (18.09 miles)
Moshannon, PA  (18.19 miles)
Locke Mills, PA  (18.53 miles)
Howard, PA  (18.57 miles)
Burnham, PA  (18.66 miles)
Lanse, PA  (18.88 miles)
Winburne, PA  (19.10 miles)
Barree, PA  (19.15 miles)
Cherry Run, PA  (19.15 miles)
Spruce Creek, PA  (19.27 miles)
Strodes Mills, PA  (19.43 miles)
Grassflat, PA  (19.65 miles)
Sandy Ridge, PA  (19.72 miles)


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