Off Grid Solar and Battery Backup Systems

Off Grid Living

Is your dream to live off the grid.  Never having to look at an electric bill again?  More and more people are choosing the off grid lifestyle today than ever before.

Living off the grid with Solar is easier, and cheaper, than ever. With the cost of systems coming down, you choose if you want to live the minimalist off grid lifestyle or the lavish off grid lifestyle.

We have installed many different types of battery backup systems.  We install OutBack Power systems. Today's automated systems manage your batteries at all times and the remote monitoring system lets you know exactly how much electricity you are getting from the sun, have stored, and are using.

There are many reasons people want a battery backup or off grid system.  Some of the reasons our customers have given us for going off grid or choosing battery back systems are:

  • Preparing for the worst
  • Tired of getting electric bills
  • Energy independence in case of a cyber attack on our power grid
  • House is land locked and can't get access to utility
  • To power a remote cabin
  • Power for a bug out location
  • To keep medical equipment running during a power outage
  • Fear of fuel shortages like what happened during hurricane Sandy
  • So I can power my electric car if the SHTF
  • Security for my family if I am out of town

These are some of the reasons our customers have given us for wanting to have backup power or live off the grid.  

Enjoy the energy independence, peace of mind and freedom that an off-grid solar system can offer you today.

Let Our Certified Solar Consultants Help You Design Your Off Grid Solar System.


A 129KW battery backup system

Off Grid Solar Battery
17KW Off Grid Solar Panels
24KW Inverters
Energy Independence

Off grid living offers you independence from the local utility. No more bills and hassles. You are free at last

Produce Your Own Energy

Ever wanted to own your own power plant? Now you can with an off grid solar system

Become More Energy Responsible

An off grid solar system reduces your carbon footprint and makes you a more responsible energy user