4 Signs That You Are Ready For Solar Panels

Once upon a time.. Solar energy systems used to be a sort of futuristic technology that was out of reach for many of us. It sounded cool and advanced but seemed as far-fetched as a trip to mars. The same could have been said for electric cars and hoverboards. Today, all these technologies are realities […]

Sundirected solar installation

Will Solar Panels Hurt The Value Of Your Home?

I Want Solar But… You want to generate your own energy using the power of the sun. Awesome! With a few solar panels and the appropriate PV system design, you can harness the abundant power of the sun. You could reduce (or eliminate) your current utility bill, and benefit the environment at the same time. […]

Solar Interconnection with the Utility Company

Solar Interconnection with the Utility Company Every solar system that is attached to the grid needs to get approval from the utility company.  If you do not get approval from the utility company you can be charged with meter tampering, even if you do not open your meter.  Since you do not have permission to […]

How To Select The Right Solar Installer For You

You are considering or have decided to go solar. Awesome! Way to go. Now you’ll have to select your local solar installer. What should you look for in an installer? How do you make sure that you solar system is designed to meet your needs and will produce the power that you need it to […]

tips for safety when installing your own solar panels

3 Critical Steps to a Successful DIY Solar System

Are you thinking about doing your own solar installation?  Here are three very important steps you must take before you get started*. Many people love the idea of generating their own electricity with the sun’s energy.  The price of solar has come down a lot in recent years making it much more affordable. Although their […]

Why Is My Electric Bill Going Up?

For the last few years, those of us that live in West Penn Power (formerly Allegheny Power) territory have been enjoying significantly lower electricity rates. We look at electric bills from all over our surrounding areas and one thing has been blatantly clear to us for a long time. West Penn Power customers are going to get […]