Solar Panels for Farms

Join the thousands of farmers across the USA that are discovering the power of solar panels for farms

There is no better time than now to power a farm with solar panels.  The 30% federal tax credit will begin dropping soon and there is uncertainty about the of the longevity of the USDA REAP Grant.  With commodity prices falling, many farmers are turning to solar panels for farms to harvest the energy that hits the roofs of their buildings every day.

There is no need to take up precious acreage for solar.  Many barns and livestock buildings are already positioned perfectly for solar panels since they are typically positioned to take advantage of prevailing winds that keep the buildings cool.  Built with their long sides facing south and the ends facing east-west, these farm buildings are just right for solar panels.

Modern solar panels sit about five inches off the surface of your roof.  This provides an additional air gap between the hot rays of the sun and your barn roof.  This space allows the heat to dissipate above your roof surface instead of it radiating directly into the building. Solar panels for farms provide additional cooling, taking a load off of your fans.

Solar Power for Farms is Economical

Combined Grants, Incentives, and Benefits can cover up to 73% of the cost of solar panelss for farms.

  • USDA REAP Grant
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • Accelerated Depreciation
  • Freedom from the utility company
  • Predictable energy costs for 25+ years

Your Power Bills Shouldn’t Grow with You

Take some of the unpredictability out of your future farming costs by generating your own clean, sustainable energy with solar panels for farms. Systems are available for operations large and small. Call us at 814-317-6527 or fill out our form to find out more.