About Us — Sun Directed

Sun Directed focuses on empowering home and business owners to produce their own energy using solar power. Our team of trained and certified solar professionals works closely with our clients to implement solar power systems that last for generations. Sun Directed is proud to provide our customers with upfront, transparent solutions. Our fast service and custom designed installations make them proud to be a part of the solar revolution.



Michael and Heather Shadow founded Sun Directed in 2008 to improve building efficiency and install geothermal heating systems. Their plan was to add solar power five years later, in 2013.  In spring 2009 Michael began his solar training.  That summer, after designing and installing a solar electric system for their home, the Shadows knew solar could not wait. Inspired to share the power of solar with their Pennsylvania neighbors, Sun Directed jumped ahead with their solar plans.

Solar quickly became so popular that by the fall of 2009 Michael and his team had installed, and third-party inspected, enough solar power systems to qualify to take the NABCEP Solar PV Installer Certification Exam. We are proud to say that Michael is one of the longest certified solar installers in Pennsylvania.  Collectively the Sun Directed team has almost 50 years experience managing, designing, and installing solar panel systems.